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What the hell is wrong with you?
Okay, all this hating stuff is getting so out of hands. You people need hobbies. Stop hating someone who you don’t even know! Oh yeah, you say that Alicia was a bitch to you. I would be too if someone would say all this kind of shits about me. Do you even realize what you’re doing? Your brain has been damaged. I don’t know when or how did it happen, but you’re definitely not normal. Okay, hate her if you want (when the real name for the feeling is "jealousy“), but stop making those stupid communities in livejournal. I don’t even know Alicia and I’m not trying to look cool, but it’s irritating to even me that you make those communities. "_ohihatealicia“, "dearmikey“, etcetcetc. You pricks neeeeeeed a life. What’s your problem anyway? Why do you hate someone so much? Let me guess, that's ’cause you "loooove“ Mikey, but he's in a serious relationship? So what did you think? That you could ever have a chance with Mikey? Fuck no. Adore him, love him, etcetc, but stop hating his fiancée. It doesn’t make anything better anyway. What’s that shit Pete being Mikey’s boyfriend? Go to hell with that! Fucking weirdos. And you know what? Mikey should not be kicked out of My Chemical Romance and he WILL NOT be. Just because he loves his fiancée he's a bad person and musician suddenly? Oh, come on! And if it wasn’t for Mikey would MCR even exist? He has been there since the start and I honestly hope that he’ll be in the band until the end. You just gotta accept the fact that you can’t change others’ lives. They will not break up just for you. And if you say that you’re disappointed in Mikey then you weren’t a real fan anyway. You should understand him.

i'm just going to re-post something jerseyxunicorns said because they totally summed it all up for me (plus it's 4AM and i'm a lazy fuck):

"Hahahaha. That just seriously made my day. Hate is NOT another word jealousy. If I hated someone for killing/blah whatever, that doesn't mean I'm jealous of them. People don't seem to want to accept that when someone hates or dislikes someone, it's not jealousy. Who the hell said any of 'teh haters' liked Mikey, or even cared about MCR? That's right, NO ONE DID. Why would someone be a weirdo for saying something about two men who are pretty much the target of a lot 'closet-case' jokes? No one ever said he was a bad person or musician because he *~loves his fiancée. No one ever said that they should break-up. Honestly I think they are perfect for each other. It might not be for reasons that are great, but hell, it works for me. Also, what does a musician's personal life have to do with being a 'real fan' or not? Last time I checked it had nothing to do with it. and no, I'm not going to sit here and tell you to get the fuck off the internet and bullshit like that."

my thoughts exactly. and while i do run this community currently, i'll have you know THIS IS NOT MY BREAD AND WATER. it was a friend's comm and she's unable to run it now...so i took up the slack. and since people keep giving us material....
Fuck, seriously. How many times must we tell them we are NOT jealous? Sheesh..
I don't particularly care about whether he's a good/bad musician/fiancee/internet dramatist.
I'm here because all my comedy programmes are either on hiatus or cancelled. I need to laugh at something. :)
I love how they care enough to tell us WE need hobbies.


People are idiots. Seriously. This is just a bit of fun. God, I don't hate them, that would take too much energy. I just like to laugh at those less fortunate than myself...

Stop hating someone who you don’t even know!
OMG hypocrite much? You hate US! WHY DO YOU HATE ME!?! OH, MUMMY! *sobs*

its cool. i think the hate group is hilarious. and i read ur comments and your always saying that im lashing out at you, and specifically you. which is false. alot, and i mean alot, of the things said in there are completely fabricated stories/quotes/etcetc. but whateves. its all funny either way really.

and yea, the 'so ghey guys' thing was def directed at the community. you guys only write it, uhm, every two seconds. so, i thought id join the group.

ps. you should just let me (uhmnothx) join the community. wouldnt it be funny to hear my side and have kids lash out at me in "person" when i comment? hell, i might even post my own bad pictures...

but see, they totally DON'T take it seriously - it's hilarious GAIZ!!1!1
I think when it comes down to it a lot of fans were turned off by him trying to push his opinions and beliefs on them. His PR should have never let him make personal statements and should have advised him to keep it at a proffesional level dealing only with music and the new album to keep up with fans. He completely opened himself up to whatever happened. As far as Alicia she fucked herself even more by begging fans and teens for money for her friend. This is absolutely ridiculous.She is an a****** for sure! These are just a few of the reasons why this community exist! Plus it's fun as hell!
I think when it comes down to it a lot of fans were turned off by him trying to push his opinions and beliefs on them. His PR should have never let him make personal statements and should have advised him to keep it at a proffesional level dealing only with music and the new album to keep up with fans. He completely opened himself up to whatever happened.

i agree.
She asked people for money?!
yes, for anniethrax.
I remember that. It was a nice gesture to help her ~friend~ but I think she went about it in the completely wrong way.
hmph, why ask 12 year olds when Michael is there to ~share the wealth just a *little* more~
who made that post?
not sure, but check out Lauren Steil's totally insightful response!

"awww, what a great post!
i know none of these people have actually hung out with the two of them, but if they ever had the chance to, you would see that mikey and alicia are the best couple ever. not only are they disgustingly in love, but are two of the greatest people and friends i have. yes, the people saying these things are jealous... HELL im even jealous of their relationship hahah but they are amazing and deserve eachother. each is different and beautiful in their own way and they are lucky to have one another.
and p.s. im glad alicia finally told those idiots off. haha"-Lauren Steil

apparently she also likes to leave comments in random ljusers' journals. apparently pwning us is becoming quite the trend these days.
Yeah, I stopped reading that little bit right when whoever wrote it started with the name-calling. And we're the ones who are "brain-damaged"?....
...Ohh man, I love this place!
Stop wasting your time hating us and butt kissing to Mikey And Alicia. You're just giving us fodder and you're not going to get invited to their wedding.

BTW: I like how none of these people take the time and balls to actually come here and tell it to us in our faces; they go and post hate blogs about it. Yeah, you're really standing up for them.
lol omg i'm so jealous of alicia's lazy eye. :|
These people take the internets too seriously.