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magnetic bones: lasik? you have betrayed the order of the geek. you will now be penetrated.
[mikey's screen name goes here] signed off at 10:44:28 PM.

um. lol?

How utterly slashy.
i actually meant to type persecuted
freudian slip ):
Actually..I think the freudian slip adds to it. XD It's like punishment.
I agree.

Lol. Wow.

It's good to see that he understands the consequences, lol.
haha! It's all Mikey's fault XD
(Deleted comment)
it actually took him a while to sign off. he just ignored me.
last time i IMed him it was like
"GAY PORN" in huge letters
and he was like
"that only works on pete wentz."
except obviously it worked on him.

Marry me. now.
penetrated, sounds like fun times ;)

Seriously. I did. For like...5 minutes.
I've just spat out my dinner all over the moniter LOLing, thanks
give. up. screen. name.
sexy icon
you know itttt
OMG. LMFAO. Thats the best.

omg gay porn works on pete wentz!? :O lmao.