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i don't think i need to highlight the contradictory parts.

members, just beware. we have lurkers who may try shit.

don't respond to them.
He cracks me up. Silly Mikey. Open mouth, insert foot. Good job.
Mikey didn't write this - a dearmikey lurker/hater did.
too bad i don't have a myspace fuckfaces.
well cause you deleted it...

um why would you need a myspace exactly?
none of that made a DRIP of sense.
I know there are worse communities out there.
(Deleted comment)
because you agree? if so, get out of this community.

it's hardly worth the effort getting angry over.
what happened to people reading jokes or playing games online?
If you don't agree with something or like it, why join it?
If it's for the humor, then I dunno, you can find humor in everything.
I'm a bit worried now.
These lurkers take things too far. It's just a community. It's like a tv show, you don't like the show then change the channel. You don't like the comm just leave.

The reason I'm worried, I have a myspace and I'm fat. There.
lmfao. my parents were very loving, prob. much more so than the idiot lurker that is spewing so much hate. and i'm rather pretty and kind of skinny, so work with that, fuckface.

i hate lurkers. they think they know fucking EVERYTHING. D:

get a sense of humor, imbeciles. gah.
Geeze..it's just a community.

And I love how they bitched about our "myspaces" when the person posted pictures up like a myspace whore.

And thank you for calling me and Mikey "fat" because last time I checked..we're both really fuckin' skinny. Weren't you just defending him a momment ago?
Another reason why I'm glad I don't advertise my Myspace in my userinfo. I don't think I'd want to be hugged and loved by such a person anyways, thanks.
Lurkers are becoming super crazy now a days...
So I'm lurking old comm LJ entries and HOLY SHIT PAVI ICON <333
ahahaha..thats funny

I'm skinny and my parents love me. so ha!
*skinny bitch?* Seriously. You'd think they'd start about Stafoo. Where'd you find that, anyways, Salty?

Hm. Fat? I've got a little flab, but I'm below a size 5. Ugly? Ah, only in the morning, and it's usually because of my ugly attitude in the morning before I get food and espresso. Slutty? Mmkay. Sorry, babe, but I'm a prude of sorts. Stupid? Teehee. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Where'd you find that, anyways, Salty?

this person has caused trouble before. i knew where to look.
The more they bitch about these communities, the more amused I get!
LMAO. that is all. ITS LIVEJOURNAL. I wish girls like that would realize that
It's called leave the community and let it go. I don't understand why someone would go into something they just know is going to piss them off.
My dad loves me a lot. We make fun of Alicia and Mikey together.

It's like bonding.
I wish my dad was as cool as your dad.
I'm seriously jealous :[
LYKE! I KNOW!!!111


Thanks, whoever you are. I needed a really good genuine laugh.
I love how she is putting people down for making fun of others yet she is doing it herself. And in a outright rude manner. So apparently if we all put others down we hate ourselves, are stupid, fat, ugly and slutty? Do I have that right?

Lets get things right. I love myself. My parents love me. Granted I am down to only one now that my Dad passed away. But I have an awesome step Dad that loves me. I am highly intelligent. I am not skinny, big fucking deal most of the people in the world are overweight you only don't know it because you have twigs shoved in your face as the face of the world. I am beautiful, inside and out. AND I am only slutty if you buy me nice things.

This lurker, and I know who she is. Needs to get off the fucking internet and go fly a fucking kite. How dare some of us have a sense of humor. That's all I see this as. A bunch of people with a sense of humor getting together. And apparently she was left without one. Sad. Really it is.

Sorry I kind of got lost in my rant there, please forgive me.

Holy crap, why do people go out of their way to fight comms? seriously?. *~oh noes we're path-e-tic for making fun of these people~* and your not for wanting to fight with us?

I repeat LMAO.

bring it i've dealt with worse.
if you really hate a community so much stop checking up on it, obviously you like it
who WOULDN'T like it?! :D
I'm hella mean in the rare occasion I pop into this community, and I don't have myspace. :D

*wonders who this person is*