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This was made by the lovely roseinmyflies
Post it in your userinfo or something, kids!



i don't think i need to highlight the contradictory parts.

members, just beware. we have lurkers who may try shit.

don't respond to them.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Okay, all this hating stuff is getting so out of hands. You people need hobbies. Stop hating someone who you don’t even know! Oh yeah, you say that Alicia was a bitch to you. I would be too if someone would say all this kind of shits about me. Do you even realize what you’re doing? Your brain has been damaged. I don’t know when or how did it happen, but you’re definitely not normal. Okay, hate her if you want (when the real name for the feeling is "jealousy“), but stop making those stupid communities in livejournal. I don’t even know Alicia and I’m not trying to look cool, but it’s irritating to even me that you make those communities. "_ohihatealicia“, "dearmikey“, etcetcetc. You pricks neeeeeeed a life. What’s your problem anyway? Why do you hate someone so much? Let me guess, that's ’cause you "loooove“ Mikey, but he's in a serious relationship? So what did you think? That you could ever have a chance with Mikey? Fuck no. Adore him, love him, etcetc, but stop hating his fiancée. It doesn’t make anything better anyway. What’s that shit Pete being Mikey’s boyfriend? Go to hell with that! Fucking weirdos. And you know what? Mikey should not be kicked out of My Chemical Romance and he WILL NOT be. Just because he loves his fiancée he's a bad person and musician suddenly? Oh, come on! And if it wasn’t for Mikey would MCR even exist? He has been there since the start and I honestly hope that he’ll be in the band until the end. You just gotta accept the fact that you can’t change others’ lives. They will not break up just for you. And if you say that you’re disappointed in Mikey then you weren’t a real fan anyway. You should understand him.

i'm just going to re-post something jerseyxunicorns said because they totally summed it all up for me (plus it's 4AM and i'm a lazy fuck):

"Hahahaha. That just seriously made my day. Hate is NOT another word jealousy. If I hated someone for killing/blah whatever, that doesn't mean I'm jealous of them. People don't seem to want to accept that when someone hates or dislikes someone, it's not jealousy. Who the hell said any of 'teh haters' liked Mikey, or even cared about MCR? That's right, NO ONE DID. Why would someone be a weirdo for saying something about two men who are pretty much the target of a lot 'closet-case' jokes? No one ever said he was a bad person or musician because he *~loves his fiancée. No one ever said that they should break-up. Honestly I think they are perfect for each other. It might not be for reasons that are great, but hell, it works for me. Also, what does a musician's personal life have to do with being a 'real fan' or not? Last time I checked it had nothing to do with it. and no, I'm not going to sit here and tell you to get the fuck off the internet and bullshit like that."

my thoughts exactly. and while i do run this community currently, i'll have you know THIS IS NOT MY BREAD AND WATER. it was a friend's comm and she's unable to run it now...so i took up the slack. and since people keep giving us material....
i don't care if it IS a fake


that user pic gets me every time. (points to community user pic)
Oh how I love Yahoo.Collapse )

umm, hate to sound like the den mother here, but i'd rather nip this in the bud while i still can.

please PLEASE PLEASE don't harass Mikey Way & Affiliates via AIM/Messenger/Trillian/whathaveyou. i'm gonna take a community stance and say this is a BIIIIIG "no-no".

i have enough problems without worrying that Alicia is going to hunt me down here in NYC and snap me like a twig, k?

thanks and sorry to be a pain.

The Mod with The Bod,

magnetic bones: lasik? you have betrayed the order of the geek. you will now be penetrated.
[mikey's screen name goes here] signed off at 10:44:28 PM.

um. lol?

Okay. Does anyone in OIHA remember when I posted Mikey's myspace bitchfits on the celebrity gossip community ohnotheydidnt and said we were all famousss and shit?

Well I decided to go back into one of the posts and pick out my favourite comments from some of the users there.

Under the cut are my favourites, plus a link to the post so you can pick out your own!

Click this plzthx!Collapse )
Dear Mikey.

Looking through pics for an icon challenged I had remembered my love for you. Like the bulge in your pants back then it was small. Which is why I was in love with your fat ass brother and his thick thighs? Yum! >_>
And like the bugle in your pants today, my love for you now, is non-existent. Which is why I'm sure Alicia and or Pete (TEAM WAYCEST.. sorry) is obviously the most dominated in your relationships. So even though I am not fond of Mikey of today, I will have a love of the Mikey that existed a year ago.

So enjoy your time getting butt fucked. Either way you know Gerard does it best because it’s ‘cest

-Katy The Bunneh.

PS. Now before any TEAM ALICIA or Anti-Waycest people start in on me. This is sentimental to the innocence we once had.

At least we can still savor the days when Mikey had glasses and bad acne...

um, yea.

not that anything really happens in here, but just so everyone knows....i've taken some people off the "maintainers" list.....and i'm thinking about taking them off the "moderator" list as well....

not like this place is booming, but they are members that are either inactive or non-posting...if anyone here would like to be added as a mod, uh, i guess just lemme know here. not that there will really be anything for ya to do, but....

basically i guess this update was to let you all know that if you've got questions or concerns, direct em to me.

over and out.

this is what I think of you, Mr. Mikey Way:

Read more...Collapse )
Numbah 1....
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Dear Mikey, if I had a dollar for every pair of glasses you didn't have, I'd have one dollar.

I'd spend that dollar on crack .. srslyCollapse )

Hay lurkers.

statcounter loves you.

just thought i'd let you know......

*eye roll*

So basecly me and my friends have a joke about how Mikey got "Lazy Eye Surgery" and I came up with this...
I find it pretty accurate...
Oh noez! Lazy eye surgery!Collapse )
Dear Mikey,

I really hope you don't endorse this
Because pretty soon, bunny might gain more [internet]fame then you have-and people will forget about you and your lasik and scary tattoo.
And then where will we be?
this place seems to be turning in to the next _OIHA.

since it turns out that comm was closed because of it's own stupidity, i'm suggesting we revert dearmikey back to a strictly Mikey comm only.

lj is fucking retarded.

ps: if the other maintainers here have a problem, IM me.
I guess writing little eulogies for -oiha would be good. If that's what these things are called...Mine is pretty pathetic sounding but oh well.

-clears throat-

_ohihatealicia was the most awesome community on eljay that I've ever been on. I met a lot of my friends there, like Jamie and Micky because well they're just awesome.

But anyways.

I remember _ohihatealicia as a place just to poke fun at Mr. Miss Simmons, I never really saw anyone that harassed her. Sure, we'd call her a bitch or a whore in the commun, but it's not like anyone really threatened to scoop out her eyes with a vibrating ice cream spoon. We all remember our dear community, it'll be in our hearts, and maybe with a little bit of wishing and a little bit of luck, it will rise from the dead.

So thanks to Mikey, La Simmons, and anyone else involved in the crime, an innocent life was taken from us.

A quote from one of my friend's stories on an MCR board:
"And if tears could build a stairway and my memories could pave a lane...I'd climb right up to heaven and bring her back...
But that time isn't now...that time isn't now."

So yeah. Anyone else wanna reflect on our beloved community?
Will someone FOR THE LOVE OF GOD tell me shes just FAT?


Too bad for the teenies.... now all hope is lost lol

(sorry for two posts in one day)
Thats it... Mikey DEFINITELY needs some hobbies...


Mikey... stay off myspace. Please.... go play some golf or something... Its for your own good....
someone make "RIP _OIHA" banners or something? icons maybe?

come up with something witty. or like, alicia in a hitler uniform?
Suck my big, black internet cock. I know you'd enjoy it. Fuck you and your ugly ass tattoo (OOPS I LIED AND SAID I LIKED IT ON MYSPACE), and your ugly ass fiancee, and your ugly ass bro...wait. Gerard is hot. Sry, sry.

The death of _OIHA will not go gently into that good night. Don't think we can't start that shit up on our own server, bitch. I DON'T CARE IF YOU DO THREATEN TO E-SUE ALL OF US. Who's gonna buy your (sadpathetic) records now, Lasik boy? You and your whore just fucked yourselves in the ass. Have fun with the Fall of My Chemical Romance, baby.

Love, Alice.
http://community.livejournal.com/_ohihatealicia/ = suspended.

The rock and roll outfit known as Drive By just released their debut compact disc on riotsquad records this past week. It is entitled "I miss every day without you kid..". I havent been able to stop listening to it since i got my mitts on it. Most of these songs are still stuck in my head since they came with us to the UK this past fall (damn you todd price).You can get a sample of said album at www.purevolume.com/driveby. Do yourself a favor and check this band out., or you'll regret it when they get "ginormous" (gigantic enormous). You can get their cd at any reputable online or a "real live" cd store. ok...bye

PS: Gerard and myself no longer live at the address on his stolen liscense that is currently circulating the internet. Dont waste your time visiting/calling etc etc etc. You wacky kids crack me up.
PPS: may 12th 2007!!!

Ok so... Seems like Wow is not Mikeys only friend... he has a friend called Hi too!

dear mikey, i hope this tattoo is a jokeCollapse )
Is it just because he's in LA

that Mikey's starting to get some RANGE in his facial expressionsCollapse )
ZOMGZ Mikey is capable of Facial Expression!!!Collapse )
Tuesday, March 14, 2006



Well that solved nothing. All that really did was make some of you hate eachother, and that was never my intention. I really don't need to justify myself to anyone. I was sticking up for somebody I love and look out for. You can make fun of me or anyone on the internet until your little fingers fall off, be my guest. Don't "hate" anyone though. Think of that group as the equivalent of somebody making a "hate group" for one of your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc etc. It would infuriate you to no end, don't lie. I have a platform to speak up, so I did. Get over it and grow up. The people who understood what i wrote, hats off. The people who didn't never understood anyway.

I'm oh so sorry that I'm happy and in love...didn't mean to rain on anyone's parade.

So apparently this letter is addressed to a guy called "Wow"

PS. "Eachother" is two words. (Broken spacebar disease is contagious.)


v. hat·ed, hat·ing, hates
v. tr.
To feel hostility or animosity toward.
To detest.
To feel dislike or distaste for: hates washing dishes.

v. intr.
To feel hatred.

Intense animosity or dislike; hatred.
An object of detestation or hatred: My pet hate is tardiness.

this is probably the most hilarious thing that i have ever seen in my entire life. We definately go on and laugh at all the lies, half truths and other nonsense that people fill their heads with. I usually ignore shit talk on the internet. sticks and stones. For some reason this makes me furious. You guys don't even know her! How could you possibly hate somebody you dont even know?!?!?!?!? and if you did know her, you would probably be best friends. She is the most amazing and incredible girl on the planet, and the girl im going to marry. Please have some respect for us and yourselves. Get some hobbies while your at it. Fly a kite. do some crossword puzzles. learn to knit. get off the fucking internet.

www.livejournal.com/community/_ohalicia = LOVE

Mikey Way told us to get off the internet.
mikeyrexic does haute coutureCollapse )
then i guess i can hide this behind a cut.
mikey goggles.Collapse )


so yeah. my ipod is named mikeypod (cuz it's pretty and shiny and has a blank, emotionless face just like the real thing!), and i thought that it'd be fun to put pictures of peet's peen inside mikey(pod). so here we go:

Image hosting by Photobucket

you can officially say that pete has been inside mikey. yay.
via Mikey's Myspace....

Don't sweat it kiddo...just look on the bright side,...you helped usher alot of young ladies into woman-hood tonight.

secondly, would everyone leave the poor guy alone already? Everyone wonders what drives people in bands "over the edge" or into a "meltdown"...its shit like this. How would you like it if someone posted "risque" pics of you online. Have some tact people. fuckin weak.

PS: Los Angeles will bury you alive


it's a crazy idea, but hey. you don't take em, no one ends up with em.

end of story.
Dear Mikey,
Learn to control your boyfriend's 'urges', k? I'm now traumatised by Peter's peter.

Love, Alice

Image hosting by Photobucket
Dear Mikey,
You know shit is bad when your friends try to (awfully) 'shop out your adult acne. I'm glad to report, however, that either you've taken the drag-queen-hiding-stubble route and begun spackling your shit, or have actually gotten ahold of some Proactiv like we've been requesting, because your latest MisShapes pictures are killer.

But this...tsk tsk. Unacceptable.
Sup waxy face?Collapse )
Hello, and welcome to Dear Mikey. I'm your apathetic moderator, Jenn.

Mostly, I like Mikey Fuckin' Way, but sometimes I just really wonder about the kid.
You're pretty much free to post whatever you want, unlike other parody communities, there will be little moderation and posting is open to all members.*EDIT* We are going to be moderated, but only slightly. I'm going to go back and make everyone 'unmoderated', but in order to keep the peace, and add some moderater type persons, I had to make posting modded. Sorry.

If things get too out of hand, I'll step in, but the journal I made this under isn't even in use anymore, so yeah.

This is not an anti-Mikey community. I repeat, this is not an anti-Mikey community, but feel free to pwn, lulz, joke, or whatever your little black, dark hearts out. Just remember, WE ACTUALLY LIKE MIKEY.

There is only one thing I ask, and that is that you do not extensively talk about or post about any of the other members of My Chemical Romance. There is already a community for Gerard (or, rather, there was...but I hear he misses it (lulz, you stalker) and it's probably makin' a comeback soon), and Frank/Ray/Bob have done nothing to ever deserve the collective wank of a community full of people makes jokes about them.
Other than that, almost anything goes.
Feel free to talk about his "relationship" with Pete Wentz (lolz teh gheys), but not Alicia.
So, have at it, kids.

The Management

PS. We need a layout, preferrably with a banner (invovling unicorns, if you can do that) and I need a couple of mods that are willing to help get things started (ie, pimp the shit out) and help keep the place on lockdown.(DONE) Any volunteers?